Mary Dickens
Advanced Bowen Practitioner

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92 Joseph St

Mobile: 027 462 7983
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What is Bowtech?

The unique Bowtech techniques consist of a series of precise moves on specific points of the body. These are light and can be done through clothing while lying on a table or sitting in a chair. Bowtech Bowen theraphy does not require forceful manipulations, nor does it interfere with western medications and treatment protocols.

Bowtech is effective in assisting with recovery times from traumatic injury to chronic conditions, regardless of how old or new the illness or injury, depending on each individual’s capacity to heal. As Bowtech is non-invasive it is safe to use on anyone from babies to the elderly to produce lasting relief from pain and discomfort.

History - About Tom Bowen and Bowtech Bowen Therapy

Tom Bowen was born in Melbourne, Australia, on 18 April 1916. He was the only son born into a working class family of four children. Having grown he married Jessie at the Salvation Army Church in Ringwood and set about raising his own family in Geelong.

Although not formally trained in any form of bodywork, Mr Bowen had a natural ability to discern what it may be that ailed a person and then also the skill to alleviate many people’s problems with the ‘technique’ that he had developed.

In the 1950’s, he worked this therapy on a part-time or casual basis until he became so successful and so well known that he established a clinic in Geelong where he worked full-time.

In these years he allowed a very small number of people to work alongside him, observing and learning. One of this number was Oswald Rentsch who painstakingly documented the work with diagrams and explanations and with Mr Bowen’s consent this written work became the original record of BOWTECH Bowen Therapy.

Mr Bowen died in 1982 and after that Ossie and his wife Elaine formed the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia and began to teach the technique, fulfilling their promise to Mr Bowen. They remain the principals’ of the Academy to this day.

Today Bowtech is taught in more than thirty countries worldwide and administered in more.

“Any or every condition could be addressed by this technique”

Tom Bowen, Geelong, Australia

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