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Holiday Info Notice


1. Enrolments are accepted on condition that all outstanding balances are paid in full. All dates booked are finalised upon enrolment. A $50 booking fee for new registrations and for existing clients who have overdue accounts, a $50 booking fee and advance payment in full applies.

2. If your child is absent on a booked date, you are still liable to pay the full charges. We will however accept a request to change a date within the current holiday period and is not transferrable to an upcoming holiday period.

3. Please see the supervisor if you have any objection to your child participating in activities of other cultures. This applies in both the holiday and after school programmes.

4. Your child will be allowed to go on outings on condition that advance booking has been arranged when you come to the office to register your child.

5. For subsidised families: All charges are at full fees until payment is received from Work and Income. It is your responsibility to submit all forms immediately to avoid full fee charges. Thank you in advance for your co-operation

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